Sat. Jun. 21st 4PM-7:30PM Sacramento



It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's...wait! WHO is THAT!!?  A new hero comes to life in the Superhero Edition of the Mastermind Hunt! Solve a series of puzzles and help create a new hero on the streets of Sacramento.  The Mastermind Hunt is an information-based puzzle scavenger hunt that takes place in Midtown and Downtown Sacramento - this year featuring a new unlikely hero to keep the streets safe (?) for us all.

Answers and Solutions may be found here.
Team Scores.

For this year as ever: Your mission is to assemble a team of family and friends, then use your collective brainpower to solve fun and challenging clues leading to landmarks, businesses, and secret locations from Sacramento's past and present. Bring your wits, creativity and a spirit of adventure.