Mastermind Hunt: Sacramento – Ice Cream Edition Answers 2016

Here are the answers and solutions to the 2016 Mastermind Hunt Sacramento.  As always, we are looking to make our treasure hunts more user-friendly, enjoyable and challenging.  Any comments you may have are welcomed.  If there are clues you particularly enjoyed, ones that stumped your team, or if you would like to share an experience from your sleuthing, we'd love to hear about it!  Feel free to contact us here.  Mastermind Treasure Hunts thank you for participating in the Mastermind Hunt: Sacramento – Ice Cream Edition.  Enjoy the solutions!

1. Regular Division Flavor: Frivolous Fear Floats
Expert Division Flavor: Desirable Delayed Delights
Starting location: Matsui Courthouse Plaza

Using the ice cream code on the map, the flavors can be decoded to read MATSUI COURTHOUSE

Regular: In the open plaza in front of the courthouse there are a series of quotations etched into the granite checkerboard paving stones. Starting near the sculpted fish (part of the Bronze Gold Rush artwork created by sculptor Tom Otterness), follow the directions to find the words FRIVOLOUS FEAR, and FLOATS.

Expert: In the open plaza in front of the courthouse there are a series of quotations etched into the granite checkerboard paving stones. Starting near the sculpted photographer (part of the Bronze Gold Rush artwork created by sculptor Tom Otterness), follow the directions to find the words DESIRABLE, DELAYED, and DELIGHTS.

2. Flavor: Big House Cake Batter
Starting location: City Hall Sa’Cumn’e Plaza

The three ice cream brands are Gunther’s, Baskin Robbins and Ben & Jerry’s

Drawing lines between the correct pairings on the map, and going to the location where two lines intersected, players would find themselves in Sa’Cumn’e Plaza between City Hall and the new administrative offices. There is a huge sculpture entitled Burden Basket that appears like a large upright cone.

The first half of the flavor is found on a marker that describes this area. Sa’Cumn’e, meaning BIG HOUSE, are the quoted words. The rest of the name can be found by correctly aligning the triangles on the sculpture with those given on the clue sheet. Those that fall within the black squares on the sculpture spell the words

3. Flavor: More Better Mocha
Starting location: 1414 O Street

After crossing out the words from this word search the location 1414 O can be read by simply rotating the page. The letters are made up of the crossed out letters.

At the clue location there is a plaque commemorating Anna Lee Moore. From the right hand column the letters of her name can be struck out in order leaving the flavor MORE BETTER MOCHA.

4. Answer: Term Limit Coma
Starting location: The circular fountain on Capitol Mall
Players could locate this place from clues in the photograph, the most obvious being the Capitol building itself.

From this spot looking to the left and right are two state office buildings constructed in a Greek revivalist style. Engraving in the friezes read, “Bring Me Men To Match My Mountains” and “Into The Highlands Of The Mind Let Me Go.” Alongside the entrances of the structures are four statues. Each is inscribed with one of four ‘Wealths’ – Climatic, Mineral, Romantic, and Floral. Entering each of these into the correct places will result in several letters being inside the colored circles. Transferring them to the corresponding colors gave the answer TERM LIMIT COMA.

5. Flavor: Preposterous Plum
Starting location: 1011 7th Street
The clue asked straightforward trivia to get the starting location. The number of pins knocked for a strike is 10. Spinal Tap’s amplifiers go to 11 and the TV show referred to is 7th Heaven.

At this address there is a new shoe business opening in the fall in the building that used to house the Sacramento Pioneers Society. Using the commemorative marker to get the requested letters gave the solution PR EP OS TE RO US PLUM.

6. Flavors: Singing Dog Torte; Walter’s Atomic S’more
Starting location: O and 9th Streets

The groups of letters have a series of Os and 9s in them, suggesting and hinting (“where we were going”) that the starting location is O and 9th.

At this location there is a quotation on some metal panels – one along O street and one along 9th. The five-letter parts on the clue sheet were broken up sections of the quotation with certain letters replaced by the Os and 9s. The five-letter parts that contained Os were along O street and those that contained 9s were on the 9th street side.

The Regular division clues had the five-letter parts arranged in order; the Expert division clues had those same parts mixed up.

By substituting the letters in the quotation with those replaced by Os and 9s the two flavors could be found.


7. Answer: Centennial Cherry
Starting location: FDR marker in Capitol Park
The toppings asked for in the dials are:


After realigning the dials the unused letters say SPOT FDR ON THE MAP AND GO.

FDR is indicated on the map. At this location there is a cherry tree planted in commemoration of the centennial of Roosevelt’s birth. The words CHERRY and CENTENNIAL are those asked for on the clue sheet.

8. Flavor: ACH
Starting location: The Fountain at 13th and K Streets
The unlucky number in the limerick is 13 and the street referenced is K.

At this location there is a (currently) dry fountain with sculpted heads, limbs and architectural features taken from a variety of ancient civilizations.

The artist’s name Stephen J. Kaltenbach, appears on a small marker between two sections of the fountain. We asked teams to use the last three letters of his last name to create a three-letter ice cream flavor of their own choosing.

Using the letters ACH players came up with a variety of interesting flavors!  We liked Animal Cracker Hell, Apple Crisp Heaven, Achey Cakey Heart, Almond Coco Happiness, and Angry Chocolate Habañero...

We gave free passes to a Mastermind Event to the team who submitted the one we most wanted to try – the Amazing Cinnamon Hangover, submitted by The Gelato Girls.

9. Flavor: Coconut Doom
Starting location: The Preflite Lounge

Regular division:

The answer words containing CHIP are:









The mint-colored letters read from bottom to top are PREFLITE. Preflite is the name of a business and could be found on the map. Plugging this name into the shifter and doing the math gave the flavor COCONUT.

Around the corner from the Preflite lounge there is a spray-painted image of a man with a blindfold. On it, the word before SAY is DOOM.

Expert division:

The sherbet flavor logic puzzle can be solved by first figuring out where to place the words RUM and MUD.

1. MUD must go in freezer 4 as it is the only place it could go to also have Date touching Prune.

2. RUM must go in freezer 1, keeping Rainbow on the bottom row and having the only place where Mango and Apricot touch. The remaining flavors in freezers 1 and 4 can be placed by following rule 4 and process of elimination.

3. Place Prune in freezer 2 since it must touch Date.

4. Since the one place the Quince and Ugli touch is already in freezer 4, all the other freezers must have them diagonally placed. So, in freezer 2 there is only one place for that to occur, and due to Rainbow already being in the outset spot in freezer 4 it must go in the lower left corner. Mango must therefore go in the offset location in freezer 2.

5. In freezer 6, Rainbow must appear in the lower left corner again, due it already appearing in the offset location.

6. In freezer 7, Rainbow must again appear in the lower left corner. Since Apricot must be next to Mango and Quince must be diagonally placed from Ugli, Apricot and Quince must occupy the remaining top row spots. Since Date and Prune must be next to each other, they must be in the adjacent bottom row spots.

7. If Apricot is to the left of Ugli three times, then there are only three freezer placements remaining that could accomplish this. These are in freezers 3, 5 and 6. Place Apricot between Date and Ugli in freezer 3; to the right of Apricot in freezer 5; and in the offset position in freezer 6.

8. Mango must now be beneath Apricot in freezer 3.

9. Quince must now be in the offset spot in freezer 3 and in the upper right in freezer 6.

10. Prune and Rainbow can now fit into freezer 3 using rule 4 and process of elimination.

11. Since UP appears twice, the only places it fits are in freezer 2 and 7.

12. Quince falls in the remaining spot in freezer 3, and can be placed in the left middle spot of freezer 5, since it has already appeared in the offset spot in freezer 3.

13. Following rule 4, Mango must go in the upper left corner of freezer 5.

14. Since Quince appears above Rainbow one time, the only place to satisfy that rule is in freezer 7. This places Apricot in the upper right corner, and therefore Date in the offset spot.

15. Date touches Rainbow only 2 times, once is in freezer 1, the other can now be resolved in freezer 6. Prune follows rule 4 and goes next to it.

16. With Date in the offset position in freezer 7, Prune must be in the offset position in freezer 5.

The numbers within the offset spots in the freezers are indexed into the flavor that is in that spot. These letters are AAINUGD. Placing these letters into the shifter and doing the math gave the flavor COCONUT and the location PREFLITE, which could be found given on the map.

Around the corner from the Preflite lounge there is a spray-painted image of a man with a blindfold. On it, the word before SAY is DOOM.

10. Flavor: Orange Oreo Obsession
Starting location: 5th and Capitol Mall
The words needed to solve the ice cream sandwich grid are:













The letters in the filling read:


At this location is a Wells Fargo office that has three large picture windows. In one of them is a historical photo of a gentleman holding oranges as indicated by the caption.

11. Flavor: Fortune Hunter’s Dynamite
Starting location: Merchant Alley and 8th street
The blanks left by completing the words ICE CREAM HUNT spell MERCHANT when anagrammed. From the start of Merchant Alley where it meets 8th Street, referenced by the TV show Eight is Enough, the light rail tracks can be followed around the corner to 8th and K. Here there are a series of murals painted on the plywood covering a construction site. The one required is the one with the same images as those found on the map.

Indexing into the words or phrases ‘spoken’ by the images as indicated on the clue sheet revealed the letters GOLDENSTATESCOOP. This phrase, added to the url given led to a YouTube video.

The video had these same images ‘speaking’ sets of letters grouped by one of the three panels of images. The first panel of characters read FORTUNE; the second, HUNTERS and the third, DYNAMITE.

12. Flavor: Apricot Fudge
Starting location: Stanford Mansion Visitor Center
Using the ice cream code on the map, the flavors can be decoded to read STANFORD MANSION VISITOR CENTER

Inside the visitor’s center there is a display in which young Leland Jr. is shown labeled Fun and Games. It relates the fun had on his 3rd birthday, which included serving ice cream to the whole neighborhood. FUN is the word nearest the top and the letters F, U, and N stand for numbers 20, 21, and 3 respectively.

After solving the coded crossword, the letters lined up according to their code numbers revealed the hidden flavor APRICOT FUDGE.

Special thanks to the staff at the Stanford Mansion for hosting this clue!!

And a very special thank you to Cornflower Creamery for creating our own unique flavor: Walter’s Atomic S’more!