Mastermind Hunt: Sacramento – Puzzle Variety Pack Edition Answers 2017

Thank you all for your participation!
Was it a Shock to find out we are Amarican as Apple Pie?  Even though you saw how Handsome you were in the Mirror this morning did you plant a mental Seed to remember to stay Hungry?  The Truth is - You Are Great! 
As always, we are looking to make our treasure hunts more user-friendly, enjoyable and challenging.  Any comments you may have are welcomed.  If there are clues you particularly enjoyed, ones that stumped your team, or if you would like to share an experience from your sleuthing, we'd love to hear about it!  Mastermind Treasure Hunts thank you for participating in the Mastermind Hunt: Sacramento – Puzzle Variety Pack Edition.  Enjoy the solutions!  BAM!!!

1. Answer: Mirror
Starting location: 13th and (K)ant

The three words are anagrams of THIRTEEN minus one letter, plus a different letter:
THREATEN – an A replaces I
WHITENER – a W replaces T
INTEREST – an S replaces H
The cross street is KANT - from Star Trek 2 nemesis Khan, plus a T.

Along the pathway between the Community Center and Theater there is a statue of the Buddha with an accompanying marker.  There are six words on the marker that are 5-letters or longer and appear twice; they are:  BUDDHA, EMPTY, HEART, STILL, THERE, WATER.  After striking these from the grid, the remaining letters read:

WORD BELOW WAVELESS.  The word below ‘waveless’ on the plaque is MIRROR.

2. Answer: Apple Pie
Starting location: Between 15th and 16th on Capitol

There is a massive piece of public art along Capitol between 15th and 16th with a golden globe; a meandering path, a mural that can be seen in the right perspective; and a series of standing markers in the grassy areas off the path where there are signs that indicate pedestrians should keep off of the grass.  In any case, the marker required could be viewed without motivating any security personnel to investigate.

The words on the correct marker read, “The iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pie…”

3. Answer: Comida
Starting location: 9th and Capitol
This short clue simply eliminates the I’s from the given location.

At Ninth and Capitol there is an electric box on which there are a series of photographs of different sets of human eyes.  The question in Spanish upon the box asks “De QUIEN viene su comida?”

4. Answer: Handsome
Starting location: The California State Library at 900 (N)ewton
The skateboarders 2.5 revolution trick refers to a ‘900’ (which has been landed only rarely), and the manufacturing company that created the Fig Newton.

In the window of the library there is a lithograph of the California, the first full-sized locally built locomotive.  According to the marker, the print sold at a then handsome price of $5.00.  The word that comes before price is Handsome.

5. Answer: B.A.M.
Starting location: Capitol Garage at 15th and K
The rhyming words are Corsage, Mirage, and Barrage.  These rhyme with Garage.  Capitol Garage is an eatery within the playing area downtown located on the corner of 15th and K streets.

Across the street is a parking lot adjacent to a brick building with a series of painted direction markers made to look like fruit and a soccer ball.  At the base of the building the artist has placed his or her initials BAMR!  The first three BAM were those required for the answer.
Using the letters BAM teams came up with a variety of interesting phrases.  Some of our favorites included:
Bogus Answer, Maybe? Bulldozers Are Magical, and Best At Math.

We gave free passes to a Mastermind Event to the team who submitted Ben Affleck's Man-bun
Congratulations to team I Thought I Could Solve Puzzles Forever, But In The End, The Puzzles Solved Me.

6. Answer: Robin
Starting location: 16th and (P)eale
Pea and Ale meet to make PEALE.  The regular season for an NFL team is 16 games.

From this corner looking northward there is what appears to be a mosaic gecko climbing the building at 1510 16th where the University of Beer is located.  Beneath it there is a mosaic tiling that indicates it is a lizard created by Robin Indar.  The bird is a Robin.

7. Answer: Hungry
Starting location: 13th and O
The answers to the mixed vegetables are:
Tomato + N; Onion + T; Asparagus + O; Radish + E; Spinach + T; Carrot + E; Potato + R; Kale + I; Celery + H.  The extra letters are N T O E T E R I H and can be rearranged to the number THIRTEEN and street initial O.

Southeastward from this intersection there is a black box with a red stripe.  (There are actually a number of them, but following the directions strictly the closest one is the one required.)  There are stickers on this box as well, one with what appears to be a carrot and one with a face that reads Try Hard, Never Settle, Stay Hungry - Good recommendations for all of us.  The word after Stay is Hungry.

8. Answer: ROMA
Starting location: 1116 18th

The answers to the clues are SKIPPER and PIES.  Removing the letters in Pies from Skipper leaves KPR.  In the alphabet, K is the 11th letter, P the 16th and R the 18th.  The conversion to a four-digit address and a street is 1116 18th.  This is the address of the Alfa Romeo shop on 18th between K and L.

On the sliding door a mural features a checkered flag waving as cars race by. The four letters on the license plate before G6 are ROMA.

9. Answer: Truth
Starting location: 12th and (N)ewton
The pyramid helter-skelter style puzzle answers are:
1 Diamond; 2 Atlantic; 3 Lobo; 4 Bunch; 5 Helm; 6 Maid; 7 Ate; 8 Ebb; 9 Bad; 10 Act; 11 Tee; 12 Elmo; 13 Orbit; 14 Tale; 15 Leg; 16 Gelato; 17 Owe; 18 Witch; 19 CIA; 20 Abe; 21 Banshee; 22 Scam; 23 Mount; 24 NNE; 25 Echo.
The numbered street letters are: WTE and can only be found in Twelfth.
The named street letters are: NON and can only be found in Newton.

Near where these two streets intersect there is an entryway with the pharaoh’s relief pictured on the clue sheets.  The word below it is ARCHITECTURE.  Removing the letters of ICE ACRE, those left can be anagrammed to TRUTH.

10. Answer: You Are Great
Starting location: 18th and (O)ckham
After logically placing the numbers in their correct locations, the letters found in the positions of the 6’s can be determined by overlaying it on a correct solution to puzzle #9.  The three letters are OCH and can be found only in Ockham.


The Peace Market found at this intersection is painted with a series of murals, one of which features a Pharaoh who wears the inscription You Are Great.

11. Answer: SHOCK
Starting location: Between 10th and 11th on (J)aspers
Dropping the letters into their correct locations in the quote box gives the message: FROM TENTH AND A STREET THAT ENDS WITH HAPPY CAT SOUNDS GO EAST PAST A BIG IDEA.  Happy cat sounds, purrs, are found at the end of Jaspers.

There are a series of murals on the abandoned Copenhagen store which ask GOT A BIG IDEA?  Inside an alcove there is a three-eyed sloth with a sign that says “Create”, and outside this space are the painted words SCRERT SHOCK.

12. Answer: Seed/Cede
Starting location: The Rose Garden Fountain in Capitol Park
Each of the paired definitions is a homophone:
Flair/Flare; Brood/Brewed; Allowed/Aloud; Guest/Guessed; Genes/Jeans.
The indicated letters spell out – ROWS GARDEN.

The homophone theme suggests that ROWS means ROSE.  At the center of the Rose Garden in Capitol Park there is a fountain with a memorial marker to Carol Ann Budlong.  The four-letter word between RE and NT for is found in the word PRECEDENT and is CEDE.  The homophone of Cede is Seed.

13. Answer: Amarican
Starting location: Capitol Park near the starting area
Because each horticulturalist doesn’t wear the tree that matches his or her name, Ms Dashwood can’t be wearing Ash.  She’s speaking to a man wearing Fir, so therefore she must be wearing Birch.
It follows that the man she is speaking to cannot be Mr Firestone (since the man is wearing Fir and his name doesn’t match the tree he is wearing) and is therefore Mr Birchard.
Thus, Mr Firestone wears Ash.

Drawing lines between the correct pairings on the map, the lines intersect just west of the starting location.  Near this spot, there *is an Elm tree with a label sadly misspelled Amarican.

*At the time of our play test. As announced, the tree was cut down at some point before the day of our event, possibly to prevent the spread of Dutch Elm Disease.

14. Answer: Island
Starting location: The Ship’s Bell on Hiram Johnson Walkway in Capitol Park
After logically deducing the pathways through the mazes from opening to opening, the locations where the paths bend corresponded to letters on the given grid (see image below).
Puzzle A turns gave the letters: CAPITO
Puzzle B turns gave the letters: LPARKASH
Puzzle C turns gave the letters: IPSBELL
Placed in order the letters spell out CAPITOL PARK A SHIPS BELL

The ship’s bell is in full view from the starting location.  The word above YARD is ISLAND.