Mastermind Hunt: San Francisco – Muses of the Mission Regular Division Answers 2016

Here are the answers and solutions to the 2016 Mastermind Hunt San Francisco.  As always, we are looking to make our treasure hunts more user-friendly, enjoyable and challenging.  Any comments you may have are welcomed.  If there are clues you particularly enjoyed, ones that stumped your team, or if you would like to share an experience from your sleuthing, we'd love to hear about it!  Feel free to contact us here.  Mastermind Treasure Hunts thank you for participating in the Mastermind Hunt: San Francisco.  Enjoy the solutions!

1. Answer: Miranda
Starting location: 76 Oakwood
Words of Power: Clever Impulse

Correctly matched words beginning with CAT are:
The uncrossed out letters read:
The crossed out letters read:

Near this address along the sidewalk is a Cat’s head etched into the concrete.  Next to the name Catherine (another CAT) is the seven-letter name Miranda.

2. Answer: Priest
Starting location: Hidalgo Statue in Dolores Park
Words of Power: Solemn Vow

The solution to the short logic puzzle is found by realizing the compound words formed by the first letters of the women’s names paired with their shirt color – Black I, Blue J, Green P – and then solving who had to be wearing which color.
Iris wears Blue
Julie wears Green
Paula wears Black
The crossed lines drawn between correctly matched names to shirt colors led to Dolores Park

The puzzle handed out at the statue contained words that could swap a single letter between each word and form another word.  The new pairs were:
The exchanged letters reading counterclockwise read HIDALGO’S OCCUPATION.

On the plaque on the rear of the statue, Hidalgo is described as a priest.

3. Answer: Carpe Diem
Starting location: Luna Rienne Gallery
Words of Power: Graceful Exit

The fish in the word ladder are:
Salmon; Bass; Barracuda; Mackerel; Marlin; Mahi Mahi; Halibut; Tuna; Trout; Sturgeon; Snapper; Sardine; Herring; Piranha; Anchovy.

Indexed letters give the location Luna Rienne Gallery.  Inside, there is a bathtub aquarium containing goldfish.  Also inside at the bottom of the the tub was the answer Carpe Diem.

Special thanks to the staff at Luna Rienne for hosting this clue!

4. Answer: Great Spirits
Starting location: Clarion Alley
Words of Power: Attain Wisdom

Crossing out the letters in the search grid and rotating the page made the street name Clarion.

In the mural-filled alley there is an elephant outfitted for riding with a quotation at its feet that reads: “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds”.  The words above Violent are Great Spirits.

5. Answer: Rumi
Starting location: Hair Candy at 3387 22nd Street
Words of Power: Know Thyself

The words containing SELF are:
Freestyle; Classified; Snowflake; Falsetto; Facsimile; Leftovers; Filibuster; Amplifies; Shellfish.
The letters in the shaded boxes turned on their side spell out HAIR CANDY

Next door to Hair Candy is the now closed Spiral Muse.  On the flower boxes along the railing that leads to the entrance is a quote that says: “Only from the heart can you touch the sky”.   The author is Rumi.

6. Answer: Ant Man
Starting location: Guerrero and Cumberland Streets
Words of Power: Wandering Star

The words created from their component parts are:
Blindfold; Evacuate; Planetarium; Chaperone; Umbilical.
The shaded letters rearrange to Cumberland.

On the Southwest corner where Cumberland begins at Guerrero is a post office box.  Etched into the concrete is the name of this muse – Cosmos – and our hero’s name – Ant-man – which appears twice. 

7. Answer: Just Relax
Starting location: Hog and Rocks
Words of Power: Gossamer Wings

The phrases on the side on the Women’s Building are:
Your Attitude
Health Research
Striking these out from the string of letters gives the starting location of Hog and Rocks.  A quick internet search gave the address at the corner of 19th and San Carlos.

Across the street from this place there is a mural featuring 10 sea turtles swimming along the wall.  The muralist’s name of fnnch was painted near the corner.  Using those letters as clues (C=1, F=23, N=8) gave a good start to solving the coded crossword.  After filling the grid, all the letters were assigned numbers 1-26.  Placing them in numbered order the letters spelled out JUST RELAX.

8. Answer: ESP
Starting location: Walgreens
Words of Power: Number One

The overlapping clues are:
Towel; Elgar; Arena
Feast; Strap; Apnea
Valid; Ideas; Asse
The letters found in the perimeter sections of the inner 4x4 boxes spell out Walgreens.

Along the wall on the Mission side of the building are a series of murals.  One of them features Elvis and Patrick Stewart.  The first initial of the first captain here is E (Elvis); the last of the man who portrays the second captain is S (Stewart); the shared initial is P (Presley and Patrick).

Teams were asked to use these three initials to make a creative three-word phrase of their own choosing.
Our favorite acronym of the day was Emergency Science Party submitted by Team Flan Fans who played in the Expert division.
They won passes to any Mastermind Event.  Congratulations! 

9. Answer:  Babel Fish
Starting location:  Camp and Albion Streets
Words of Power: First Contact

The matches for each of the SF neighborhood visitors are:
1: Beret; Robot; Chairs; Triple; Apple.  (Words are offset so that the end of one is the beginning of another.)
2: Bass; Bow; Tear; Red; Wind. (Pictures are homophones of alternative pronunciations of the given word. (e.g. BASE sounds like BASS the musical instrument which can also be pronounced BASS like the fish.)
3: Cape; Crows; Court; Choir; Cargo.  (Words all drop the ES in front and are homophones.)
4: Lamp; Sail; Diaper; Spoon; Snail.  (Words are anagrams.)
The remaining pictures are Camel; Palindrome; Bingo; Onion.  Pulling out the beginning letters asked for gives the location CAMPALBION.

Near this corner there is a plaque marking the location of the Dolores Lagoon.  The words on the clue sheet correspond to Native American words on the marker, some of which are anagrams plus one letter.  The added letters read in order say BABEL FISH.

Memory Game
Answer: Anesthesia

Meta Puzzle
Answer: Mission Control