A rogue government operative is about to implement a plan to turn every camera, computer and handheld device into a means to spy on all citizens. We must stop him.
Our trusted source, M1K3y, has left clues and puzzles for us to solve. Using this information, your team must discover three unknowns...

On September 14th, 2:00-5:30, we're teaming up with the San Francisco Public Library to create a scavenger hunt based upon Cory Doctorow's Little Brother. As part of the One City One Book festival, teams will take to the streets and scour the library to solve clues, crack codes, and help bring the perpetrator to justice.

Assemble a crack team of puzzle solvers, and bring your wits, a spirit of adventure, and your best walking shoes.  The One City One Book hunt is FREE, but you must register your team online before Friday, September 13th in order to play.  Find more information and register your team here.