FAQ: Knowledge 2019 Mad science puzzle hunt

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Welcome to the ServiceNow Knowledge 2019 Puzzlehunt FAQ!
If you have a question which isn’t answered by the information below, please check out the ClueKeeper FAQ under the Players tab, or drop us a line at info@mastermindhunts.com

Q. What is the Knowledge 2019 Puzzle Hunt?
A. The hunt is a fun "extra-curricular" activity for attendees of the Training and Certification portion of the Convention. Players will solve puzzles existing both on a phone app and in real space while exploring public areas of the Sands Expo Center, the Show floor, and the adjacent Venetian Resort. The primary focus of the hunt is to have fun! However you might find out a few things about ServiceNow along the way. 

Q. When does the hunt run?
A. The first puzzle will be unlocked on Sunday, May 5 at noon. The final puzzle will be unlocked on the morning of Thursday May 9. The hunt will conclude at noon on Thursday.

Q. What if I miss the start? Can I still play? 
A. Absolutely. You can opt in at any time once the hunt has started. You’ll still have to do all of the puzzles, so starting earlier is ideal.

Q. My schedule is packed! Will I have time for this? 
A. Definitely! Although there will be new puzzles unlocked every day, Sunday-Thursday, each puzzle shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes. 

Q. How hard are the puzzles? 
A. Difficulty level is a relative thing, but we want to make sure you can solve puzzles on breaks between sessions, or at lunch, so think easy-to-medium. We want you to succeed! You should be able to solve most puzzles with a pen and a bit of scratch paper, or in your head. For more complex puzzles, hints will be available.

Q. Do I need a team? Can I play on my own?
A. The hunt is designed to be done alone, or in pairs.

Q. Okay, I’m in! How do I sign up?
A. Excellent! The hunt will be played on the free ClueKeeper app. Start by following this link to download and install the app on your phone. We recommend you try out one of the free sample hunts to see how it works. Starting on Thursday, May 2nd you can download the hunt clues from ClueKeeper by entering the hunt code K19PUZZLEHUNT. You’ll need a START CODE to begin, which we will provide on Sunday at noon. The start code will be visible on the hunt home screen in ClueKeeper at that time. The hunt start code, subsequent puzzle start codes, and other information will also be broadcast on the hunt’s Twitter feed @K19puzzlehunt. 

Q. How do I win? Are there prizes?
A. Those who complete the hunt will be able to join us for a small celebration and perhaps even taste the Impersonation Serum!  Special recognition will be given to those players with the fastest solve times.

Q. Is there anything else I need to know? 
A. That should be it! We recommend you follow the hunt on Twitter @K19puzzlehunt to get  daily start codes and live updates during the hunt.

Q. I want all my friends to see how much fun I’m having! Is there a hashtag?
An Instagram feed?
A. Cool, we’d love to see your photos during the hunt! Post to the twitter feed (see above), #know19puzzlehunt, and follow @ThatMastermindGuy on instagram for more!