The Mastermind Hunt: Sacramento - Top Secret Edition 2015 - Team Scores

Thank you, puzzle-hunters!  This hunt played more difficult than we anticipated, but our feedback consisted mostly of the fact that you all simply needed more time to complete it.  Well done solvers, there were some tricky ones this year for certain.  Thank you all for the comments, fist-shaking, and for making 2015 another fun year.  Congratulations to our winners!

 Team NameClues CorrectArrivalTotal Time
1Hot Pursuit106:362:21
2Hommes Fatales96:512:36
3KGBFF’s *97:193:04
4Team LX77:283:13
5Puzzle Galore77:293:14
64 Teachers +167:293:14
7The Neckerchiefs67:293:14
8Oh, the Cluemanity!67:293:14
9K Street Hookers57:253:10
10USA All the Way57:303:15
11Team RaD47:173:02
12Double Oh Seven47:20 3:05
13The Loose Cannons47:243:09
14Team SPAM47:263:11
15The Goonies47:303:15
16Mysteries Aren’t Us47:303:15
17The Nomads47:303:15
18Super Rose-Villains37:253:10
19Some Kind of Amazing37:293:14
20Finders Keepers37:303:15
21Iguanas on the Beach!27:303:15
23It’s a Father’s Day Gift etc…16:592:44
24The Capitol Offense4Late
25Justice League3Late

* Winners of our favorite team name.