The Mastermind Hunt: Sacramento 2019 Team Scores

Thank you, puzzle-hunters!  Another year of fantastic scores!!  We think with a bit more time everyone would have finished.  This hunt was definitely challenging.  Thank you all for the comments, feedback, and for making 2019 another fun year.  Congratulations to all.  You really make this a fun event!

Total times based on a 9:35 start and 1:05 finish

Team NameClues CorrectArrivalTotal Time
1Feral Tofu1111:151:40
2We, Beasties1111:161:41
3Why Was the Guy Named Short Not the One Who Was Shrunk?1111:442:09
4Golden Golems1111:482:13
5The Atoms Family *1111:512:16
6The Perfect Cell-fie1112:172:42
7Save Us, Wayne Szalinsky1112:212:46
8We Feel the Need, the Need For Spleen1112:242:49
9Micro-Naughty Anitbodies1112:242:49
10Shrinky DINKS1112:573:22
11Sac Town Underdogs111:003:25
12Insert Team Name Here111:033:28
13Just Putter-ing Around1012:342:59
14Smarty Pints1012:463:11
15Justice League81:043:29
16Piece of Cake612:473:12
17The Cavity Crew612:553:20
19Street Skortz412:563:21

* Winners of our favorite team name.