The Mastermind Hunt 2018 Team Scores

Thank you, puzzle-hunters!  Tremendous scores!!  I think with a bit more time everyone would have finished.  Thank you all for the comments, feedback, and for making 2018 another fun year.  Congratulations to all.  You really make this a fun event.  See you next year!
Total times based on a 9:35 start and 1:05 finish

Team NameClues CorrectArrivalTotal Time
1Feral Tofu1111:291:54
2Crimson Typhoon1111:341:59
3Never Mind the Rhinoceros1111:502:15
4Kraken the Code1111:552:20
6Bitmoji Fire1112:182:43
7Tokyo Long Enough *1112:332:58
86 Legs and 3 Wheels1112:403:05
9Le Sacre Du Mento / KS Family1112:423:07
10First Hunters1112:433:08
11Beware the Disco Vampires1112:443:09
12Team Cobra Kaiju1112:553:20
13Smarty Pints1112:573:22
14Four Fifths111:013:26
15Java Joggers101:053:30
16Mission Likely Impossible81:033:28
17Super Troop Sleuths612:593:24

* Winners of our favorite team name.