Mastermind Hunt: San Francisco 2015 Team Scores

Thanks to everyone for making this a great event!  Well done, love pirates all.  We hope you enjoyed your nautical adventure as much as we enjoyed making it.  Thanks for another great year and for joining us out in North Beach at Tel-Hi.   Total times are based upon an actual start time of 12:15.

This list includes only the teams that returned answer sheets - there are still some teams out there somewhere!  Congratulations to all! 

Regular Divison:

Team NameClues CorrectArrivalTotal Time
1Goofy Two Shoes102:412:26
2For Ships and Giggles102:542:39
3Who Needs a Team Name103:092:54
4Nautical by Nature103:112:56
5Grad Students of Wumbology103:122:57
6Llama (formerly known as La Malk)103:243:09
8Mind Benders103:353:20
9Knots & Cruises†103:453:30
10Lego My Ego103:483:33
11Bearded Nuts103:543:39
12Yo Ho! Oh No!93:293:14
13Maestermyn Cruisers93:463:31
14Harold and Kumar93:483:33
15P. Diddy Style Shrimping Vessel93:523:37
16Salty Dogs93:563:41
182 Salty Old Broads94:003:45
19Ship Sip83:543:39
21Rob’s Junk is Haley’s Treasure73:283:13
22The Brady Bunch74:003:45
24Aquatic Parknado6LATE

†Winners of our favorite SHS acronym.

Expert Division

Team NameClues CorrectArrivalTotal Time
1The Burninators104:003:45
2Mystic Panda93:593:44
34 Dubloonatics94:003:45
420,000 Legos Under the Seat*83:563:41
5Ducky Mice83:573:42
7We Have Smelt What the Rock is Cooking73:573:42
8Admirable Admirals73:553:40
9Rear Admirals64:003:45
11The Darkwing Ducks53:573:42
12Il Primitivo54:003:45
13Nauti-Call Girls43:583:43
14Bye Bye Neha 244:003:45
15Team YoFace33:393:24
16The Pinecones23:553:40
17Bing Bong Bing Bong24:003:45
18Nemonic Ensemble for Mastering Oceans8LATE

*Winners of our favorite team name.