The Mastermind Hunt: San Francisco 2019 Team Scores

Thank you, puzzle-hunters!  Another year of fantastic scores!! Thank you all for the comments, feedback, and for making 2019 another fun year.  Congratulations to all!
Total times based on a 1:30 start and 5:00 finish 

Regular Division

Team NameClues CorrectArrivalTotal Time
1Significant Shrinkage114:022:32
2The Amazing Racers114:262:56
3Rotten Apples114:323:02
4Crab in the Sand114:453:15
6Mitochondria the powerhouse of the cell104:453:15
7This is not a date54:593:29
8New Kids on the Block45:003:30
Team NameClues CorrectArrivalTotal Time
1Journey To The Center Of Poor Choices123:291:59
2Friday the 13th part 6123:342:04
3Shrinky Thinks123:412:11
4Doctor Too-Little *123:422:12
5Om Nom Nom Nom124:092:39
6Goofy Two Shoes124:132:43
7My Cronuts124:182:48
9Fish and the Monkeys124:413:11
10Temporarily Shrunken But Intrepid124:533:23
11Red Harvest124:553:25
14Transmission Electron Microscope55:003:30

* Winners of our favorite team name.