The Mastermind Hunt 2017 Team Scores

Thank you, puzzle-hunters!  Tremendous scores and times!!  You all took this hunt apart. Watch out, we will take that as a challenge for next year, but not too much…
Thank you all for the comments, feedback, and for making 2017 another fun year.  Congratulations to our winners, and see you next year!

Total times based on a 9:30 start.

 Team NameClues CorrectArrivalTotal Time
1Goofy Two Shoes1411:171:47
2Feral Tofu1411:241:54
3Smarty Pints1411:281:58
5The Three Amigos1411:352:05
6The Team That Must Not Be Named1411:482:18
7Andyman 1411:592:29
8Trump-Russia Clue-sion1412:082:38
9New California Republic1311:261:56
10B.A.R.E in Mind1311:271:57
11I Thought I Could Solve Puzzles; But, in the End the Puzzles Solved Me1311:32 2:02
12Hapless and Tactless1311:322:02
13Suns Out Puns Out1312:042:34
15Demanding a Recount1312:272:57
16Hmm None at the Moment1312:292:59
17What the Flux?1312:303:00
18We Are Groot1212:182:48
19Delicious 3.14 *1212:262:56
20Clan of Diane1112:242:54
213 Men and a Little Lady812:303:00
22Ryan Griffith812:303:00
23Rogue Kitchen812:303:00
24Team Tenacious412:192:49
25The Butterfly Effect14LATE 
26Farm to Fork This!12LATE 
27Slapnut Magoos11LATE 
28Team Freem8LATE 
29Lost in Sac4LATE