Mastermind Hunt: San Jose – Kaiju Monster Attack Edition Answers 2018

Here are the answers and solutions to the 2018 Mastermind Hunt San Jose.  How did you enjoy the use of Clue Keeper?  As always, we are looking to make our treasure hunts more user-friendly, enjoyable and challenging.  Any comments you may have are welcomed.  If there are clues you particularly enjoyed, ones that stumped your team, or if you would like to share an experience from your sleuthing, we'd love to hear about it!  Mastermind Treasure Hunts thank you for participating in the Mastermind Hunt: San Jose – Monster Attack Edition.  Enjoy the solutions!

1. Puzzle Answer: Good Luck
Hunt Answer: Sophie

Starting location: 333 W San Carlos

The semaphore puzzle is a matter of figuring out which letter positions are possible when seeing only the top half of the flagman.

The first symbol can only be G or N; followed by two Os; and then either D or V - leaving GOOD as the best answer.  The second row begins with either E, L, W, or X; followed by U; then either C, I, or Y; then either K, or P.  LUCK is the most likely answer.

Looking southward from this location across the meadow toward the Discovery Museum, there is an enormous wall-sized mural depicting a girl holding the world and a flower.  A marker indicates that she is Sophie Holding the World Together.

2. Puzzle Answer: Shocking Glue
Hunt Answer: HEDORAH
Starting location: 135 W San Carlos – clock in front of City National Civic

The answers to the words containing ROD are:
Transferring the letters to the correct colored spots gave the words SHOCKING GLUE.

The bigrams found on the clock dedication are :
1. HE
2. DO
3. HAR
After reversing HAR to RAH and placing them in order, the string of letters reads
HE DO RAH or HEDORAH – Godzilla’s sludgy foe.

3. Answer: Water Balloons
Hunt Answer: Eggs
Starting location: 45 N First Street

The hexagonal groups can be broken into these words:
The leftover letters read WATER BALLOONS

There are a series of murals on the boarded-up entries to the Gross Holmes building.  One depicts a lighthouse beacon and a vessel with a heart on a sail about to be engulfed by waves.  The land beyond on the adjacent mural shows dry land with a feather and a nest of five blue eggs.

4. Puzzle Answer: Grub Cake Mix
Hunt Answer: SPIKE
Starting location: Post between Almaden Ave and S San Pedro

The coded crossword is a logic puzzle where by solving for a few of the letters the rest of the puzzle begins to unravel.  Noticing that with the given clues of H and W that the word HOW can be spelled, led to YAHOO, followed by KAYAK and others.
Organizing the letters 1-26, led to the hidden three-word solution GRUB CAKE MIX

The word Posted was a clue to look on Post Street for this image.  At this location between a telephone pole and a no parking sign there are several bits of street graffiti scrawled into the concrete.  One of them is the arched word SPIKE.

5. Puzzle Answer: Bookworm
Hunt Answer: Moth
Starting location: 55 W Santa Clara

Like a spot the differences puzzle, a close examination and comparison of the strings of book titles and authors on the map led to the solution BOOKWORM.

Painted on the side of the Chase Bank located here there is a landscape scene.  Beneath a transmission tower, a child looks under a car.  In the foreground below it there is a pile of books.  Flying in the air above it all are moths.

6. Puzzle Answer: Let the Music Play
Hunt Answer: Macaroni

Starting location: Chacho’s at 87 E San Fernando

The musical instruments plus one letters are in order as follows:
After discovering the names of the instruments, the remaining letters read LET THE MUSIC PLAY.

In the window there is a poster of Stevie Wonder playing a harmonica.  Removing the H and anagramming the remaining letters gives Macaroni.

7. Puzzle Answer: Change of Mace
Hunt Answer: YKS

Starting location: San Pedro Square Market at N San Pedro and W St. John

1-3 answers: CORNET, TENOR, RENT
4-6 answers: FETISH, FEIST, TIES
7-9 answers: REMAIN, MINER, REIN
10-12 answers: SLOGAN, GOALS, LOGS
13-16 answers: CHARGE, REACH, HARE
17-19 answers: REPEAT, TAPER, TRAP
The letters removed read CHANGE OF MACE.

There is an old blue truck parked on the corner where these two streets meet.  On the tires there is a group of three letters YKS.  Using these three letters as initials, players were asked to come up with a creative three-word phrase to describe a kaiju.  Our favorite would be awarded free passes to any Mastermind event. There were many amusing answers, including Yakuza Killing Scum, Yowling Kill-a-Saurus, and Yo Kaiju--Sayonara!, but our favorite, submitted by Titanic Swim Team, was Yodeling Kale Serpent. Congratulations!

8. Puzzle Answer: Frosted Steaks
Hunt Answer: Bamboorito
Starting location: K.zzang at 78 S First Street

The word ladder is FURY, BURY, BUSY, BUST, RUST, REST.  Crossing out the letters, and then reading them in the order they were crossed out gave the answer FROSTED STEAKS.

At the café across the street from K.zzang there are pandas and red pandas enjoying an assortment of bamboo-filled treats.  On special on the chalkboard menu under BLT is a Bamboorito.  Yum!

9. Puzzle Answer: Creature Feature
Hunt Answer: Chore War
Starting location: The Galarza Table on Paseo San Antonio

The rhymes are:
A: Neighbor Labor; Morse Horse; Wedding Sledding
B: Stretcher Sketcher; Mosquito Burrito
C: Eraser Replacer; Hands Scans; Quito Veto
D: Inferior Exterior; Freed Tweed
E: Braille Rail; Alert Dessert; Tool Jewel
F: Geico Psycho; Marge Charge; Gnu Queue
G: Docile Fossil; Annual Manual; Zinc Sink
H: Scrabble Babble; Caught Yacht; Bok Shock
I: Veronica Hanukkah; Llama Trauma
J: Potter Daughter; Green Gene; Jon Yawn
K: Ewe Flu; Malaysia Fantasia; Cloud Crowd
L: Wookie Cookie; Kitty City; Melanie Felony

Next to the photograph of Mr Galarza sitting on the desk near the chalkboard there is a quotation that contains the solution to the puzzle.  The three-letter word WAR is hidden in FORWARD and the five-letter word CHORE is hidden in ANCHORED.  Both words are found in lines that have the word SENSE – of which humans have five.  The tw0-word phrase that sounds like a competition to get things done is therefore a CHORE WAR.

10. Puzzle Answer: Red Cabbage Juice
Hunt Answer: Free
Starting location: The Anno Domini gallery on S 1st Street between San Carlos and San Salvador

Here’s the solution:


The mural on the side of the gallery features the monster shown in the photograph.  On the leftmost panel a ship sails toward the Netherworlds.  The word on the sail is Free.

11. Puzzle Answer: TRIBE
Hunt Answer: Veracruz
Starting location: McEnery Park

Each puzzle can be solved by making three trades to get all monsters of the same type.  The correct order of trades is:
1. D, C, A
Calling each monster by color: YRGB.  Starting YRGB, swap (D) becomes YYYG; swap (C) becomes YB; swap (A) becomes RR.  Indexing in two letters (the second letter of the red monster Otomachi) gives the letter T.

2. A, D, B
Starting BBBG, swap (A) becomes YRBBB; swap (D) becomes YYYBB; swap (B) becomes YYYY.  Indexing in four letters (the fourth letter of the yellow monster Zilrog) gives the letter R.

3. C, D, B
Starting GGBB, swap (C) becomes YRGB; swap (D) becomes YYYG; swap (B) becomes GGG.  Indexing in three letters (the third letter of the green monster Raishu) gives the letter I.

4. B, A, C
Starting YRRB, swap (B) becomes YYGB; swap (A) becomes YYR; swap (C) becomes BB.  Indexing in two letters (the second letter of the blue monster Ebira) gives the letter B.

5. A, B, D
Starting YRGB, swap (A) to get RRGG; swap (B) becomes YR; swap (D) becomes B.  Indexing in one letter (the first letter of the blue monster Ebira) gives the letter E.

The sister city marker at the western end of the park features Tainan, Taiwan.  There are six other sister cities listed, and the one following Tainan on the list is Veracruz, Mexico.