Q: How much does it cost?
A: Nothing. It's free!
Q: Who can play?
A: Anyone! The hunt is created for adults and families with kids of all ages.
Q: How long does it take?
A: It depends on you. The hunt is self-guided, and is designed to take about an hour.
Q: When can I play?
A: You play on your own, whenever Pier 39 is open.

Pier 39 website
Map of Pier 39.

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The riddles of pier 39
treasure hunt

LOCATION: San Francisco's Pier 39.
Free to enjoy any time Pier 39 is open.

This hunt is currently undergoing renovations! Please check back in a
month or two.

Families and kids of all ages are invited to Pier 39 to participate in this scavenger hunt in which players explore the promenade to locate answers and use them to reveal fun riddles and answers.  This free hunt can be played at any time the Pier 39 boardwalk is open.

Pier 39 is home to the Aquarium of the Bay, many bay tours, a mirror maze, a beautiful Italian carousel, and San Francicso's now famous colony of sea lions!  Enjoy the hunt and enjoy the sights on the marina!

NOTE: Some clue sites may not be available during the Christmas season due to holiday decorations.