What do you need to escape? Solve puzzles to obtain items, then trade for the best set!

Spy School: team building where you want it

NOW AVAILABLE in North Beach, Walnut Creek, San Jose, Mountain View, and more.

An outing that will leave your team stirred, but not shaken.

Before we can outfit you with a bullet-proof Aston Martin and laser-equipped wristwatch, we'll need you to prove you've got what it takes to be a top notch agent. To succeed in our training exercise, you'll need to demonstrate your ability to read secret communication, collaborate with other agents, navigate unfamiliar terrain, and find vital information hidden in plain sight.

Teams of 4-6 players solve spy-themed puzzles, and use a smartphone app to receive locations, case information, and communication from Mission Control. Eleven missions give Keywords to help solve a final meta-puzzle and thwart a diabolical plot!

Location: Spy School can be played in nearly any urban area. Please contact us to discuss specifics.
Price: Minimum rate of $800 for any group of 13 or fewer players. Priced per player for 14 or more players.

For two or more teams of four to six players.  Run time is approximately 3 hours. Please contact us a minimum of seven days in advance of your preferred date.

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