word on the street

Of course we at Mastermind HQ love our hunts, but just in case you need a second opinion, read what some operatives who have actually been there have to say about us.

"Great job organizing!  The puzzles were fun to solve, once we got our brains thinking the right way!  I really liked that you incorporated quirky local landmarks ...  I had so much fun, this hunt ignited my brain!  I could hardly sleep Sat. night, because I kept thinking about how we solved the clues and how much fun we had.  Thank you!"
"Great event! The clues were challenging and thought provoking and really fun to ponder! The distances were perfect - information was given to us and easy to follow... overall - FABULOUS event. Would definitely do it again!"
"The hunt in the Presidio was a great day. We learned a lot and my daughter, who is nine, really got into the history. She requested that we take time and actually walk through the Cemetery and she showed a reverence and respect beyond her years. We probably never would have had these experiences in the Presidio if not for the hunt. Well done!"
"Thank you SO much. We had a fabulous time. The great thing was that it took our whole team to solve the puzzles. Every team member was able to bring their special gifts to the race to help solve at least one of the puzzles...and that includes our two 11 year olds."
"We want more, more, more!  We had a terrific time on Saturday.  My favorite was the clue where we dialed a number that gave us an answer-so fun!"
"My team ... did this as a birthday celebration for one of our members and we had so much fun!  We got stumped by two clues and then realized we had made a silly mistake (that didn't affect the outcome) on another one, but it was great fun to work as a team and solve the clues together.  We are already planning on joining next year's hunt!  Thanks for a great time!"